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This is a TEST SITE without complete coverage of the urban bus fleets so cannot be relied on for transport information.

Please note that the TrackABus Dunedin real time service and information is a private system and the Otago Regional Council is not responsible for the accuracy of the information displayed.

To provide comments, questions and feedback on the TrackABus website or other tools (for example, if a bus was on the route but was not showing up in the TrackABus system), email us at: . We appreciate your help in improving the TrackABus service.

If you have experienced a problem with the TrackABus service, please provide as much of the following information to the email address above so we can research the issue:

  • Date and time you experienced the problem
  • The number of the particular bus that had a problem (3 digit number typically located on the front corner of the bus)
  • Bus stop and/or route number
  • Type of computer or device you used (e.g. Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, etc)
  • If the problem occurred using a desktop or laptop computer, the type of web browser (and version) you were using.
  • If you think it would help explain the problem, please include a screenshot.